Manchester United to start new season with Alexis Sanchez still on board

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United will reportedly be stuck with Alexis Sanchez for the new season despite their best efforts to offload him this summer.

The Chilean hasn’t enjoyed his time at Old Trafford at all as he has failed to live up to the high standards he set up in the past.

Barcelona and Arsenal saw the best of the versatile attacker but since moving to a chaotic United, he’s struggled to have the same influence as he did before.

Sanchez has been expected to leave this transfer window despite there being issues with his wages though executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward had hoped to solve the problem by paying a percentage of it.

Unfortunately that doesn’t appear to be enough to convince clubs to gamble on the 30 year old and so it appears he’ll be stuck with his current surroundings.

According to the Express, despite the Red Devils’ being desperate to offload Alexis, no club wants to sign him because of his wages with even the rich Chinese sides baulking at his £25m a year salary.

His wages was the reason why some sections of supporters wanted to avoid signing the former Arsenal man in the first place, before even knowing whether he’d perform well or not, providing further proof of Woodward’s incompetence.

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