Photo: Eric Bailly in wheelchair following twisted knee injury vs Tottenham Hotspur

by Leo Nieboer

Eric Bailly has been pictured arriving at Manchester airport in a wheelchair and a heavy brace after twisting his knee against Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday.

The Ivorian, so often plagued by injuries since joining Man United in 2016, only managed about eight minutes on the pitch before going down in severe pain.

Speaking after the game, Solskjaer confirmed that Bailly had twisted his knee but stated that more tests needed to be done before determining the exact extent of the injury.

The latest photos of Bailly, taken soon after the squad returned to Manchester, do not make for promising viewing whatsoever.

A pessimist would look at this photo and say that, due to the problem being his knee, Bailly will be out for months. Even if he has, in a stroke of luck, only sprained ligaments or partially damaged the meniscus – as opposed to a rupture – and avoided the surgery route, the recovery process is still likely to last until about January.

Even a glass-half-full type of supporters would look at this photo of Bailly, all sad in that wheelchair, and think: yeah, that’s about right, he’ll be out for ages again.

Jose Mourinho vented his frustration last year at how some players were ‘permanently injured’. You can see what he means.

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