Video: Romelu Lukaku reveals main difference between Manchester United and Inter Milan

by Leo Nieboer

Romelu Lukaku has spoken of how the training regime at Inter Milan exists on a different level of intensity compared with Manchester United.

The Belgian pushed for a move to Serie A throughout the summer after feeling left out under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Inter boss Antonio Conte, who failed to sign Lukaku in 2017 at Chelsea, finally got his man on deadline day after the two clubs agreed on a £73m fee.

Speaking to Otro, Lukaku spoke honestly about how Italian football demanded a completely different kind of training which was far more exhausting.

Football in Italy almost belongs in a different category of sport altogether. The emphasis on shape, on collective pressing, on harnessing a particular kind of team sport – it is something indigenous and ancient, like a Chilean Abuelita making empanadas.

For Solskjaer, Lukaku’s frame was never going to suit United’s fluid, counterattacking style based on pressing, as seen by the way they played against Chelsea, with Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford often changing positions

Under Conte, though, Lukaku will be the team’s reference point from which Conte’s football can blossom. Having not played a game of pre-season, though, he will need to take some time to reach full fitness.

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