Manchester United fans furious with this Ole Gunnar Solskjaer comment ahead of Norwich City clash

by Leo Nieboer

Manchester United fans have reacted furiously to a comment from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s ahead of the club’s visit to Norwich City on Sunday.

Speaking to Sky ahead of the game, Solskjaer said: “I hope we are going to stop them because it’s always going to be difficult down at Carrow Road…we’ll need to be at our best to have a chance.”

The comment, isolated as it is, smacks heavily of David Moyes claiming that United would “try to make it difficult for Newcastle United” in December 2013. Jose Mourinho also came out with statements to this effect all the time, but I guess the anger towards that charismatic silver fox has somewhat abated.

Either way, United fans want United managers to talk like a United manager, and the above from Solskjaer was the very opposite.

The optics of this quote are, of course, not good, and only serve to reinforce the feeling that United are struggling to beat everyone at the moment.

But here’s the thing: Solskjaer is right. United, who have just two Premier League wins in 14 games, really will need to be at their ‘best’ to beat Norwich. This team has no God-given right to win games and, if anybody has been paying attention, watching this team try to get results in recent times has been painfully difficult.

It saddens me that Solskjaer’s comment is accurate. It really does. But it is. Anything below whatever United’s ‘best’ is on Sunday will lead to almost certain defeat.

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