Fred continues bright spell with sensational performance against Tottenham Hotspur

by Leo Nieboer

Fred went under the radar with an excellent performance for Manchester United during Wednesday night’s 2-1 victory over Tottenham Hotspur.

The Brazilian, who has become a fixture of this starting XI in recent times, gave a performance that was both classy and highly necessary.

In a midfield battle that Spurs were expected to win, Fred was faster and more mobile at close quarters than anybody else.

The 26-year-old’s numbers from the game reflect what was a very dominant performance.

There has never been any doubt that there is indeed a player in there. A good player. A saucy, wonderfully Brazilian player. And, well, there it was, there for all of us to see.

Mixed with a strong element of aggression and raw energy, Fred’s touch was delicate, guided, exactly where it needed to be at exactly the right time. Like when you win on online sports betting, Fred filled United fans with the sort of happiness we’ve rarely had with a midfielder’s performance for a long time and he deserves all the plaudits for a wonderful game.

Very often, United would lose the ball in shaky areas, only for the ball to come back to Fred, and with it calm would be restored.

The deftest of touches, in the tightest of spaces, was what was needed on so many occasions against Spurs, and most of the time, Fred provided just that. It was a lovely performance. Perhaps it was a nod to the future as well.

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