Sporting Lisbon to receive only £32 million from Manchester United for Bruno Fernandes – report

by Red Billy

Sporting Lisbon will only receive €37,345,000 (around £32 million) from Manchester United for the sale of Bruno Fernandes.

A Bola reports that the fee that will be paid by the Red Devils for the 25-year-old will be €70 million (around £60 million).

However, Sporting will only receive just over half of the amount themselves.

First, Fernandes’ former club Sampdoria have a 10% sell-on fee, so will receive €6.15 million (£5.26 million) of the fee the Red Devils are paying.

Second, agents involved in the negotiation will also receive 10% and so will take €7 million (£6 million).

Third, the Portuguese international’s contract includes a 5% ‘solidarity mechanism’. This is a clause which says each time a professional is transferred before the end of his contract, all the clubs for which the player played between the age of 12 and 23 must be paid a share of the fee. This amounts to €3.5 million (£3 million).

Finally, due to Sporting’s debts, the bank is to receive 30% of the net value calculated after other payments have been made, which will amount to just over €16 million (£13.68 million).

Sporting are trying to increase the fixed part of the overall transfer fee in negotiations, paying €60 million plus €10 million in bonuses (£51.28 million plus £8.55 bonuses). United are believed to have offered €50 million plus €20 million in bonuses (£42.73 million plus £17.09 million).

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