The cause of Manchester United’s toothless attacking explained

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have so obviously recognised the players’ main problem, even calling for a playmaker to be signed for months before Bruno Fernandes’ arrival.

The early parts of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s reign were filled with some of the best attacking displays since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement so when the goals dried out, supporters were curious as to why that way the case.

United have pressed more and maintained possession better under the legendary Norwegian and yet their attacks have often been toothless, failing to score against the likes of Burnley, Bournemouth, and Watford.

The beginning of Solskjaer’s era was explained as the players having lots of energy and have since burnt out in fantastic fashion to end up disappointing fans.

Whether it’s poor coaching or the players not being good enough, the following statistic is horribly worrying, particularly for a club of the Red Devils’ stature.

The stat essentially means almost half of Manchester United’s shots are long-range efforts or efforts otherwise outside of the opposition box.

Critics can point to Solskjaer’s lack of genuine options in midfield or a horribly depleted attack but it’s hard to justify as there’s no way the current squad are worse than some relegation candidates such as Norwich.

Those who want to attack the former Molde man will use this stick to beat him with, claiming it’s evidence of poor coaching rather than poor players.

The truth is probably somewhere in between and factors such as fatigue and injury do have to be counted in as it’s obvious they’ve affected Manchester United’s season.

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