Kieran McKenna hails Bruno Fernandes’ versatility ahead of Chelsea clash

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United coach Kieran McKenna has opened up about what it’s like to have Bruno Fernandes on board after his signing from Sporting Lisbon.

The talented Portuguese joined in the winter after some excruciating negotiations and fans were hyped up to see him in action.

Fernandes’ debut got a mixed reaction that was probably not helped by the disappointing result so supporters are excited to see what’s more to come.

McKenna has been working hard behind the scenes with United as they took off to Spain for some warm weather training during the winter break.

Fernandes finally got to have an extended period of time with his new teammates and had a chance to bond with them.

According to the Daily Star, McKenna said: “There are lots of different outcomes [from the winter break].

“Obviously, we have got Bruno with us as well, which is a big positive, so he did well to put his hand up and make himself available for the Wolves game, going straight into the team.

“[The break was] a great chance for lads like him to come into the group and get to know the players better.

“As I say, it is a credit to him for coming in, putting his hand up straightaway and saying he wanted to go into the team for Wolves.

“It was a really positive start for him. It is the same process as all of the players.

“It is trying to find the right balance, playing in positions where they can complement each other, building relationships all over the pitch, so that players understand each other’s games, where to pass and what runs different players make.

“That is part of the process with him this week. Thankfully, he is an experienced player, he has played in a lot of different positions and roles, so he is very versatile in that way, so it is obviously the manager’s job and us as staff to find ways to make him settle into the team quickly.

“That is the same for all of the players really. It is a good chance to get some work in, work as a team, on patterns and some movements off the ball as well that will really bring out the best strengths in the individuals.”

Fans are hoping Fernandes can hit the ground running but if he doesn’t then he must be given the chance to adjust to his new surroundings.

Many wrote off Fred after he failed to immediately acclimatise yet he’s been one of United’s best players this season.

Fernandes is similarly coming from a so-called weaker league to the Premier League as well so he may need time to get used to the quicker tempo.

United desperately need his quality to shine right away though as they hope to pick up momentum in the last third of the season.

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