Manchester United should pursue Jack Grealish over James Maddison

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have long debated over whether Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish or Leicester City’s James Maddison should be the next major signing.

Both stars have their merits but the former’s superb performance vs Tottenham Hotspur puts him a little ahead in the conversation, at least for now.

Should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sign either one, it’s unlikely fans would complain he didn’t go for the other, though they would certainly love both.

According to some reports, United could actually sign both as replacements for the potentially outgoing Paul Pogba.

However, in the event that Solskjaer is only allowed to sign one, there are a few reasons why Grealish should be the one to join.

The Villa man’s attributes and talents are arguably more widespread than Maddison’s and is probably why he’s such a versatile player.

His versatility would be priceless for the Red Devils in particular as he can essentially play in any position in midfield; central midfield, right-wing, left-wing and attacking-midfield.

Grealish would obviously walk into whatever position he would like at Old Trafford but given Solskjaer’s squad are so injury-prone, it makes sense to go for someone who is more versatile.

Another factor that puts the 24-year-old above his fellow countryman is his likely availability and how he would probably be easier to sign.

Maddison is in the middle of contract negotiations at the moment and it’s believed Leicester won’t sell for cheap even if negotiations don’t end well.

It’s like a bid around £80m will probably be what is needed to break the Foxes resolve and it’s simply far too much money for him.

Grealish meanwhile would more likely come for less, especially if Villa get relegated and it’s something that has looked increasingly likely.

As entertaining as their 3-2 loss to Tottenham was, their defensive frailties suggest they don’t have the steel to remain in the Premier League.

Relegation would probably mean Grealish could join for probably half what Maddison would cost and he’s every bit as good a player if not better.

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