Manchester United facing Tottenham Hotspurs at the perfect time

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans may be feeling confident ahead of their team’s clash vs Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspurs and rightly so after their impressive run of form.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has led the way with an unbeaten run of late and it’s difficult to think of a better time to face the Portuguese tactician’s side.

Calls of ‘Mourinho Out’ have grown louder and louder and for good reason given the performances Tottenham have been putting in.

Solskjaer will be wary of a backlash in terms of the London club being fired up for the match and it’s highly unlikely Mourinho will want to lose against his former side.

The legendary Norwegian bested his opponent the last time they met and if the current form is anything to go by, a repeat is quite possible.

Not only have Tottenham failed to win in six matches but they’ve only outperformed their opponents once and that was by the slightest of margins vs relegation-threatened Norwich.

One would expect Mourinho’s side to do better, particularly defensively and yet they look worse off than ever before.

Hopefully, the Manchester United players don’t head into the match already thinking it’s won as that could be disastrous but at least there will be a confidence boost based on Tottenham’s form.

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