Aaron Wan-Bissaka’s defensive statistics blow competitors away

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans have only had Aaron Wan-Bissaka from the start of this season but it feels as though he’s been around forever, such has been his impact.

After being tortured without a proper right-back for years, supporters were finally treated to an outstanding defender in the form of the former Crystal Palace man.

Hopefully, Wan-Bissaka can avoid any major injuries for the rest of his career as it means he can nail down that position for United for at least a decade.

Fans have long argued the talented Englishman is the best one on one defender in the world and while it’s hard to argue that, the statistics back that feeling.

Teammates, both current and former, both testify to the ridiculous talent Wan-Bissaka has in refusing to be beaten by his opposite number.

Not only is Wan-Bissaka tackling a lot and successfully but he has maintained the same kind of numbers over three seasons which is simply ridiculous.

To make matters even better, fans have noticed that the young defender has been working hard on improving the offensive side of his game.

Had his teammates made the most of the chances he created, Wan-Bissaka would have collected more assists as well, which is an invaluable asset.

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