Manchester United fans react to shock Jack Grealish news

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans are no longer too keen on Aston Villa star and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer target Jack Grealish after he was caught being a hypocrite.

The talented English was reported to be on the legendary Norwegian’s wish-list for the summer but that’s unlikely to happen anymore.

United will be wary to become associated with Grealish after he was said to have broken the lockdown rules put in place following the coronavirus crisis.

This happened just hours after the Villa captain posted a video online calling for people to stay at home to save lives.

Grealish is believed to have gone round to a friend’s place, gotten drunk then proceeded to leave in his car, smashing parked cars along the way.

Grealish has since come out to apologise and insisted people should stay home, though he refused to confirm if he indeed got drunk and drove under the influence.

Manchester United fans commented on the Peoples Person’s post, stating their unwillingness to be associated with him any more.

One fan wrote: “I think Grealish and Madison are over hyped…”

While others said: “Just another footballer who’s better then the rest of us…”

“Don’t want him anyway…”

“Stick a fork in him….he’s done!”

“If it’s true (and no smoke without fire) then he might have blown it. Ole won’t want anyone that could upset the Apple cart from a disciplinary point of view.”

If these are the thoughts of just a handful of fans then it’s likely there’s plenty more who think the same.

Solskjaer would definitely reconsider any plans, especially if Grealish is officially prosecuted in any way.

While football is on lockdown, try your hand at our quiz below that tests your knowledge about the times when Manchester United or its players have been banned, bombed or blocked from playing.

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