Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hails Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba’s potential return

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has given fans some hope in the potential return of Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba from injury.

The two key players have been out for various amounts of time this season but both have suffered major injuries.

Rashford appeared to be on the way to having a record-breaking season before he was ruled out but he could still salvage something if he can be deemed fit when training resumes.

Pogba has missed large chunks of the season due to a recurring injury but it’s believed he’s finally gotten over it and so may yet have a part to play this season.

United fans will be hoping if the season is resumed then the exciting pair can play their part as it will likely result in a top-four finish.

According to Sky Sports, Solskjaer said: “Paul and Marcus have been out, now we’ve still got games left, and I think everyone in the league will start more or less on the same level.

“Maybe they’ve got more motivation to keep going now, as they can see when they’re back they may be on the same level or even a better level physically.

“In a way, they have got an opportunity here to play a bigger part in this season than they had hoped. And they are big players for us, some of the most important players.”

Solskjaer clearly thinks they’re key to a good end to the season as well and supporters will want to see the likes of Pogba, Rashford, Anthony Martial and Bruno Fernandes on the same pitch.

Given the Red Devils’ unbeaten run before the league was suspended, it’s likely with these kinds of players in the same starting XI the run would continue further.

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