Paul Pogba explains severity of injury after absent season

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Paul Pogba has finally revealed the full extent of his injury, discussing openly what kept him out for much of the season.

The former Juventus man has been absent from the starting eleven for so long that reports even emerged he was faking his injury in order to force through a move abroad.

Even some fans began to doubt his commitment to United, particularly after it consistently appeared as though he would soon return to training only for it to get delayed once more without explanation.

Pogba’s future being up in the air certainly doesn’t help matters and neither does his agent’s constant briefs to the press on a potential departure.

The talented Frenchman would definitely be of use to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but many have questioned whether it’s worth keeping him around anymore.

According to the club’s main website, Pogba said: “I’m already training and touching the ball. I’ve been frustrated, a long time ago.

“Now I’m almost there, so I’m just thinking about getting back and training fully with the team and everything.

“You think bad but I’ve never had something like this in my career, so I always take it in a good way. It makes me more hungry to come back and do well.

“And, yeah, it just shows me as well how much I love football. You have to be very patient because, well my injury, I don’t know if people really know what happened.

“So I had a foot injury, which came in the game against Southampton. It was early this season and so I carried this for a long time, training and trying to be playing with it. After I stopped, I found I had a fracture.

“I had a cast on it, a plaster-cast, so it went very well but too well. The bone got bigger and so, when I came back again, I played those two games against Watford and Newcastle, I could feel something again.

“So I had to have an operation and now here I am. I don’t feel anything and, hopefully, I’ll be back very soon.”

This interview is said to be from last month and since then fans have seen Pogba on his Instagram consistently posting updates on his current fitness.

The World Cup winner has even done skill challenges and appears to be working on the ball as well so there seems to be no reason for why he wouldn’t return to full training if the season is ever continued.

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