Pundit claims Bruno Fernandes only masking Manchester United’s problems

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans won’t be pleased to hear how a pundit is claiming Bruno Fernandes’ impact is only temporary.

The talented Portuguese’s arrival coincided with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side’s best form of the season so far.

Unfortunately, as necessary as it was, their unbeaten run only ended due to the league being indefinitely suspended.

Bruno’s impact was felt immediately by the fans too who have already fallen in love with him thanks to his quality.

United’s supporters were beginning to feel the former Sporting man could lead them to a top-four finish.

According to the Express, Craig Burley said: “You’re asking me a question of whether United are better to watch [than last season] from an extremely low bar.

“Yeah, they’re better to watch than they were, but they still potentially could finish outside the top six or seven, potentially.

“If this league was to kick on again they could potentially finish outside the top six or seven.

“Just because they got a spark when the new signing came in doesn’t mean Sheffield United weren’t going to finish above them, or Tottenham, or Chelsea, or Wolves, or anybody else for that matter.

“We know they’re not going to finish above Manchester City, we know they’re not going to finish above Liverpool, we know they’re probably not going to finish above Leicester.”But these teams could theoretically finish above Man United.

“I think the short-term bounce that Solskjaer got from the Fernandes signing is slightly masking over things in the long term for me.”

Sporting Lisbon took forever in their negotiations with the Red Devils but eventually, Solskjaer got his man.

Some fans were frustrated by the board’s decision to not sign Bruno earlier as it was believed he was a target even back in the previous summer.

Had Manchester United signed him then, perhaps their top-four spot would’ve been more secure than it is at the moment.

As good as Solskjaer’s men have been of late, their season could still go freakishly wrong should matters suddenly turn for the worse.

Given the many false dawns United fans have experienced in the past, it wouldn’t be a surprise if that ends up happening.

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