Aaron Wan-Bissaka insists Marcus Rashford is most difficult opponent

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Aaron Wan-Bissaka has reserved special praise for Marcus Rashford, revealing he’s the most difficult opponent in training.

It’s hard to imagine anyone gets by the extremely talented defender but he hinted the academy graduate potentially gets the best of him.

Wan-Bissaka is known for his one on one defending and fans like to imagine he’s unbeatable in training too.

There’s an obvious assumption that any attacker who gives the young Englishman a difficult time must be a quality player.

Rashford obviously is a top forward so it’s no real surprise but the former Crystal Palace’s praise is still high.

According to the club’s official website, Wan-Bissaka said: “I’d say Marcus, yeah. He’s just so unpredictable. When I first joined United and came up against him in training, he was doing things that I just really didn’t expect.

“I thought he’d go a certain way and he’d go the other way, or I thought he was about to do one thing and he did another, so he’s really tricky to play against.

“I enjoy that though; it’s been really good for my own development to test myself against him and the other attackers we have at the club.”

Good attackers create good defenders and vice-versa and so if Manchester United are ever to win the title once again, their players will have to push each other beyond their limits.

Club legends of the past have consistently spoken about just how brutal the training sessions used to be simply because it was a squad of title winners who were determined to never slack off.

Many reports have come out to discuss how enjoyable United’s training sessions are at the moment and how there’s a harmonious atmosphere in the dressing room too; a far cry from the past.

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