Manchester United prove efficiency under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United fans will be pleased to see the shocking statistic that defines their efficiency even without the ball under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s management.

While the legendary Norwegian hasn’t been accused of being a counter-attacking manager, his side have shown their ability to counter-attack better than in the past.

Supporters have loved the return to the type of football they witnessed during Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign and big wins against top teams have helped endear Solskjaer even more.

The former Molde man has been in charge of United for his first full season this year and just when his team were finally finding some consistency, the league was temporarily suspended.

What may console fans a little is the stat below, that shows even when Solskjaer’s men have less than 50% possession, they can still secure crucial wins.

Jose Mourinho was often frustrated with his players for failing to be efficient as he purposefully and rather one-dimensionally set them up for defensive football.

It seems strange Solskjaer has enjoyed more success in a shorter period of time in that regard and begs the question of why was the latter better tactically?

To have a little less than 30% and yet beat Manchester City nonetheless is rather incredible and the fact similar results have happened multiple times shows it wasn’t by luck.

United are hoping to make Jadon Sancho the next player to wear the famous number 7 shirt. But how much do you know about the players who have worn it before? take our quiz below to find out.

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