Aaron Wan-Bissaka amongst the best tacklers in the Premier League

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Aaron Wan-Bissaka is already loved at Old Trafford and for good reason as his statistics back up what fans know- that he’s amongst the best defenders in the league.

The young Englishman joined from Crystal Palace last summer but already plays as though he’s a veteran.

Wan-Bissaka hasn’t needed a transition phase whatsoever and has dealt with the jump to a bigger club seamlessly.

Although supporters knew what they were getting with the brilliant full-back, they weren’t quite expecting to be so good so quickly.

To make matters even better, Wan-Bissaka’s attacking output increased tenfold as the season went on but for now, the focus in the statistic below is in his defending.

To complete such a high level of tackles with such a low number of fouls shows Wan-Bissaka isn’t just a good and smart tackler but he’s a clean one.

This is testament to his ability to read and time when to tackle as well as his ridiculous talent in one vs one situations.

It’s difficult to think of any one scenario where Wan-Bissaka was beaten by his man and his estimated £50m price-tag is already a bargain.

If the long-legged defender can keep fit and remains at Old Trafford for the next decade, he’s almost certain to become a club legend.

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