Matteo Darmian insists Paul Pogba is happy at Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Parma star Matteo Darmian has opened up on Paul Pogba’s happiness at Manchester United, insisting he’s happy in his current surroundings.

The Italian defender only recently left the club, even playing under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the early stages of his tenure.

It meant Darmian played with Pogba for a few seasons and in fact was at United before him given he was signed by Jose Mourinho.

The Serie A full-back was signed earlier by Louis van Gaal and so despite not playing as often as he would like, he still managed to win the FA Cup, Europa League and Carabao Cup.

Pogba only won the latter two but it’s safe to say the pair know each other, at least well enough in a professional sense.

According to the Guardian, Darmian said: “Paul is my friend and I have an excellent relationship with him. First of all: we are talking about a real champion here, a great footballer, but even they can have some periods when they don’t do as well [as they would like].

“The real ‘problem’ with Pogba at United, I think, was the price the club paid for him and that conditioned the way people perceived him.

“There has been a lot of unjustified criticism towards Pogba, for example that he doesn’t work hard enough, but he always gave his best, I can assure you, in every training session.

“In my opinion his performances were good in recent years, they talk about him too negatively [in the UK].

“Did I see Pogba unhappy or willing to leave? No, I honestly didn’t see him sad or unhappy, quite the opposite, for all the time I was in Manchester, Paul was absolutely happy with his decision to go back there. He really cares about doing well at Manchester United.”

It seems the more time passes the more likely it is that Pogba remains at Manchester United this summer.

There have been more and more reports that the talented Frenchman is happy to stay given the current circumstances and has accepted a transfer won’t happen.

There have also been a few people, such as Darmian, who have been insisting Pogba is happy and that the rumours are all more or less false.

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