Ander Herrera reveals problems with board after leaving Manchester United

by Marwan Harraz

Former Manchester United star Ander Herrera has broken his silence and admitted he left the club because of a difference in opinion with the board.

The talented Spaniard was a fan-favourite during his time at Old Trafford and yet controversially left the club for free last summer.

Herrera ended up joining PSG but it’s safe to say he’s had a much more reduced role over in Paris.

The tenacious midfielder has racked up just 18 appearances, putting in a little less than 1000 minutes with just eight of his appearances coming in Ligue 1.

Compare that to 28 appearances with the Red Devils just the season before as well as near double the minutes despite suffering a few niggling injuries.

According to ESPN, Herrera said: “When I look back a year ago, my intention was not to leave Manchester United. I had some different opinions with the board but I respect them. I respect them a lot.

“They do things for Manchester United and I disagree with the people who say they don’t. They really suffer when things don’t go well and they really fight to bring Manchester United back.

“I disagreed with some of the decisions they made but this happens in football. In happens in every company.

“Apart from that, I respect them. I had a great relationship with Ed Woodward and with the owners when they came so I have nothing to complain about with them.”

It feels as though Herrera is being rather diplomatic and careful with his words in order to avoid upsetting anyone instead of saying what’s really on his mind.

Perhaps it’s because he doesn’t want to burn any bridges in case he ends up coming back to Manchester United as staff.

It’s also interesting how he doesn’t state what the difference in opinion is as fans would love to know what happens behind closed doors.

After all, they already have a negative relationship with the United board and this would potentially just confirm their ill feelings towards them.

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