Harry Maguire reserves special praise for Marcus Rashford

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United captain Harry Maguire has rather surprisingly named Marcus Rashford as the most talented player he’s played with.

The young Englishman has been remarkable for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side this season and has stepped up a level in terms of performances.

Rashford has become talismanic for United, with fans becoming incredibly upset when he faced a spell out on the sidelines.

Luckily the one positive of the temporary suspension in play means the academy product will be free for selection should play restart.

Maguire is clearly a fan of his teammate and reserved special praise for him, discussing his leadership and talent.

The surprise lies in how Maguire might feel he has more talented national or club teammates but to him it feels as though it’s not even close.

For example, the towering centre-back could’ve picked Bruno Fernandes, Paul Pogba or David de Gea and fans would’ve understood.

Nonetheless, Rashford isn’t a controversial pick and supporters will be hoping he can kick on further to become an even deadlier player for Manchester United.

United might have to finish their Premier League season at neutral grounds as the authorities try to ensure player safety. How much do you know about those neither-home-nor-away games the Red Devils have played in the past? Take our quiz below to find out.

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