Statistics show Fred, Brandon Williams most two-footed Man United players

by Red Billy

Manchester United’s most two-footed player has been revealed – and it’s not Mason Greenwood.

Football statistician Josh Williams (twitter: @distancecovered) has used Premier League passing data to analyse how many touches a player takes before making a pass with either foot.

He used that average to calculate who is the most two-footed, where the lower the number of touches, the more two-footed a player is.

And despite it being widely known that Greenwood is equally comfortable on his left and right, he only came in third in United’s rankings.

Top of the list was Fred.

Fred averages a left foot pass every 1.7 touches and a right foot pass every 4.4 touches, an impressive stat that ranks him fourth most two footed in the Premier League overall. Everton’s Fabian Delph is top.

In second place in the Red Devils’ rankings is full back Brandon Williams.

‘Mason Greenwood could still be the most two-footed player at United but, strictly in terms of passing, Fred is the most flexible,” Williams told

‘He’s shown up well in various areas this season, which captures his overall improvement, so I wasn’t too surprised, but Brandon Williams’s rank definitely caught my attention – especially considering he is still a teenager.’

Williams ranks an impressive eighth in the Premier League overall.

In United’s fourth, fifth and sixth places are Paul Pogba, Victor Lindelof and Juan Mata.

The least two-footed player in the United squad turns out to be Scott McTominay, who averages a total of 35.6 touches before he’s passed with both feet. Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford also use their left feet sparingly, which is surprising in Rashford’s case in particular as he generally operates on the left wing.

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