Ole Gunnar Solskjaer confirms summer transfer expectations

by Red Billy

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has said he expects one or two players to join the club this summer but that there would not be a big number of transfers.
The boss was responding to a question at the Bournemouth pre-match press conference when he was asked if he agreed with Gary Neville’s claims that the club still has much work to do, on and off the pitch, to catch up with the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City.
‘Gary is right in a lot of things he says and of course we cannot think we’re there,’ Solskjaer said.
‘If you look at the table, we’re nowhere near where we should be. Consistency has to be improved and we still have to improve on many aspects of the game.
‘There’s definitely not going to be any complacency and thinking, ‘We’ve cracked it’ because we’ve got so much to do. It’s an enjoyable journey.’
The Norwegian confirmed that the transfer window was going to be a strange one and that there would not be ‘a lot of big transfers’, but that there would be one or two very important ones if the fit was right.
‘We can see improvements but, yes, we need to make one or two – or more – very good decisions. It’s going to be an important summer, definitely.
‘You have a certain DNA and identity when you play for Man United or work for Man United, it doesn’t matter if you’re in the canteen or laundry or in admin or on the pitch, you’ve got to be a certain type of character for me.
‘I’m very old school in my values. I’m not going to rant and rave. I’d rather open the door or close the door. Either in or out.
‘Players who want to sign if they don’t feel right as a person you close the door, players who are inside who don’t feel right and don’t want to contribute to the team ethos and have the betterment of the team at heart then you open the door and let them leave.
‘It’s a constant process. Whatever you do every day, that will decide if you’re going to be part of Man United or not. I hope and believe I will always stay true to my principles and values of that.’

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