Patrice Evra blasts Marcus Rashford as ‘poor’ in West Ham draw

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United great Patrice Evra has criticised Marcus Rashford‘s performance vs West Ham as he called out certain people’s unequal criticism of Paul Pogba.

The talented Englishman couldn’t get going vs the Hammers as his team struggled to draw in their quest for a top-four spot.

United fell behind thanks to a penalty given by Pogba and he faced plenty of criticism for that.

Mason Greenwood would go on to equalise for his side but the team couldn’t find the energy to net a winner.

Rashford was amongst those guilty of not doing enough and Evra was quick to point out the difference in the harshness of the criticism.

It’s clear what Evra is trying to do but it comes off a little poorly, at least for Rashford.

The former left-back isn’t so much trying to claim Pogba is blameless but is more trying to spread the blame equally across the team as Pogba tends to get a lot of the stick.

Some fans feel pundits tend to avoid criticising English players since they themselves are English and often know the players personally.

Whatever the reasons, it’s obvious the blame game is played unfairly pretty often and while Evra’s intentions are good, it’s come off poorly.

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