Man United fans enraged at club’s lack of transfer progress

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans have taken to social media to express their lack of confidence in the club’s owners and board in regard to making this summer’s transfer market a successful one.

Supporters were responding to a United Peoples TV’s Youtube video that reported on public comments made by United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer that the club needs to invest heavily in the transfer market.

Fan after fan showed their disdain for the Glazer family and the club’s executive vice chairman, Ed Woodward.

Comments included:

‘Van Gaal said that Woodward could never get his first choices. Always 3rd, 4th or 5th choices. The guy hasn’t a clue about transfer negotiations like David Gill or Martin Edwards did. His main priority at the club is to make the Glazers richer.’

‘Moyes didn’t get, Vaan Gaal didn’t get, Mourinho didn’t get, Same goes for Ole. Our board and Owners ain’t gonna back our managers. They just gonna sack them and give the job to a new puppet.’

‘Is it really that difficult to work on several transfer targets at a time rather than just focusing on a single one i.e. Jadon Sancho? We clearly need a CB that’s 100%. Why haven’t we got one yet? Is it because we need to offload Jones and Rojo first? Then f—- do that, how hard is it to sell players that are not good enough?’

‘Clearly there is every indication shows that our board and the CEO are not serious. Every year we keep on dragging our feet on negotiations. Attracting unnecessary media coverage. So can’t we for once do a decent deal that will be devoid of the unnecessary reportage and hype?’

‘We have let the following players leave the club and we’re yet to replace them; Fellaini, Valencia, Young, Ander Herrera, Alexis, Lukaku, Rojo, Smalling. We must buy quality players. We’re Man United. Ed Woodward and his Pay masters are clearly inefficient at their job.’

Similar sentiments were expressed in response to a Peoples Person Facebook post discussing United’s transfer window so far:

‘Ed is striving for himself not the club.’

‘The Glazers want as much money out of the club as they can get their hands on.’

‘The blame lies solely at the door of the Glazers. These b—–s aren’t interested in Football, all they care about is money.’

‘A club that is more into business rather than the love of the game by taking advantage of the past glory will end up in this situation.’
‘Our transfer approach is a joke! Every single window for the past few years has been embarrassing. I can’t think of one player who we’ve scouted and signed sans fuss!’

‘Woodworm is a joke.. Every season it’s the same.. Haggle over a few million dollars and end up paying the same if not more for the player at the end of the window.’

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