Man United fans believe club will not achieve top four finish without signings

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans believe the side will struggle to finish in the top four of the Premier League next season if the club does not make any signings in this transfer window.

The Manchester United Peoples Person Facebook page asked fans ‘Where do you think Manchester United will finish next season in the Premier League if we DON’T make any signings this summer and this is the squad Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has to use?’ and the response was overwhelmingly gloomy.

The vast majority of responding fans did not even believe that top four was achievable without strengthening.

Comments included:

‘If we don’t make any signings we won’t finish in the top four, which will cost us our best players who will leave for champions league football. Sancho will not even look at us after that and that will be the end of us.’

‘Outside the top 4 for sure. No squad depth while others strengthen their teams…’

‘Back to 6th position till end of the season.’

‘7th place, we will be competing against the likes of Tottenham, Leicester, Wolves and Everton.’

‘With what we currently have we will finish sixth.’

‘Won’t be anywhere near the top 4… the squad is too thin bar the first 11 and a few on the bench. The quality of the team isn’t there to sustain it.’

‘6-8th place, we will burn out halfway through the season, we won’t get out of the group stage in the champions league.’

‘Won’t even get top 7, to many dead wood players in squad.’

‘I think with the improvement of the other teams and Champions League football I think we will be lucky to make top 6.’

A smaller number of fans believed that the Red Devils would still get into the top four:

‘Top 4 if major players stay fit. United are 1 or 2 injuries away from having another tough season.’

‘Last season we dropped points against teams in the second half of the table. If we somehow show more consistency and manage to beat those teams, I’d say 4th place.’

‘Fourth position at best. Could be worse if Spurs and Wolves improve.’

‘We can still manage to finish in top 4 but we can’t compete for any title because the squad needs reinforcement.’

‘Top 4 if important players remain fit whole season.’

Not a single poster believed United could win the Premier League with the current squad.

For many fans, the idea that the squad will not be strengthened is unthinkable after the team qualified for the Champions League on the last day of the season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s threadbare squad would probably not have been able to achieve even that if lockdown had not delayed the end of the season, as it was only due to that delay that the likes of Marcus Rashford and Paul Pogba were able to take part in the run-in.

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