Man United fans react to Alexis Sanchez’s Instagram rant

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans are divided in their reactions to Alexis Sanchez’s recent Instagram comments about his time at the club.

After a disappointing Manchester United career that was fraught with poor form, injuries and rumours of dressing room unrest, the Chilean finally moved to Inter Milan this summer and has been speaking about his time at Old Trafford on his Instagram account.

In one section of the video, Sanchez says (our translation) ‘The first day I arrived [at Old Trafford], I felt something was not right.

‘I went home and told my family and friends that I want to end my contract and return to my old club (Arsenal).

‘After one or two months the feeling was the same and I knew the atmosphere inside the club wasn’t right for me … there is something wrong with this club.’

When asked their thoughts about Sanchez’s comments on The Peoples Person Facebook page, many fans were angry.

Comments included:

‘Failure, flop and not good enough, he can make all the excuses in the world, but his awful performance is down to him!’

‘If you cant be a–ed to put in work for the amount he was on then good riddance, got bullied by a 17 year old in training and didn’t fancy it.’

‘He only came to United for the money, he didn’t care about playing well, shame he didn’t leave [sooner].’

‘I wish he’d gone home and torn it up as well.’

‘Sign a contract for 500k a week. Run around for half hour, realise you’re sh–. Cry to go back to a club where he was the big fish. What an a—hole.’

‘That’s what happens when you join a club for monetary gains, he has to go down as the biggest flop in United’s history.’

On the other hand, some fans believed that Sanchez was the unfortunate victim of the toxic dressing room environment created by the then manager, José Mourinho.

One fan even posted a photo of himself meeting Alexis on the day he signed, explaining ‘On the Day Alexis signed for United I had the opportunity to talk to him and his agent.

‘Whatever the speculations around, he was super excited and wanted to be successful at United.

‘He wouldn’t have been unsuccessful if the club had a different manager at that time. That manager caused division and chaos everywhere he managed and it is obvious that he would’ve inherited that surrounding under that manager.’

Others agreed:

‘The manager at that time, Jose Mourinho, made the environment and the whole dressing room toxic.’

‘Mourinho was creating a toxic environment and verbally attacking/criticising players to cover up for his own failures at United. The things he said during press conferences were very unprofessional.’

‘I think he’s right. Things were bad during Mourinho’s time, the atmosphere in the dressing room and everywhere around the club was horrible, there was no order at United at the time.’

The truth is that nobody but those involved will ever know the real circumstances that led to Sanchez’s unhappy and unproductive time at Old Trafford, but one thing is clear: Mourinho’s departure did little to rekindle the player’s form at United and it seems better for both parties that he has moved on to continue his career elsewhere.

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