Man United fans excited by prospect of Jesse Lingard – Dele Alli swap deal

by Red Billy

Manchester United fans would welcome a Jesse Lingard – Dele Alli swap as The Sun proposes that a United move for the Spurs man could be possible.

The outlet has identified United as one of five possible destinations for the 24-year-old, who is out of favour with José Mourinho at Tottenham.

‘Young, English talent has been a focal point of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s rebuilding job at Old Trafford,’ reporter Marc Mayo writes, ‘So why not the 24-year-old MK Dons graduate?’

And with Mourinho reportedly keen to replace Alli with United’s Jesse Lingard, the possibility of a swap deal emerges – an idea which a lot of fans think would be a good one.

‘If a straight swap, yes please. If straight swap plus up to £20 million, yes please. If swap plus more than that, no, sell Lingard,’ said one fan on The Peoples Person Facebook page.

Other comments included:

‘I’d gladly give Spurs £50m plus Lingard….Alli has a lot to offer the team, maybe not as a winger but as a midfielder. And who knows Lingard might find his feet there too.’

‘Yes! Would have Dele ahead of Lingard/Perreira/James any day.’

‘Dele Alli is absolute quality. Might have a poor attitude at time but still 100x a better footballer than Lingard.’

‘It would be good for Jesse. Dele is a “Man United player” according to SAF. I would rate Dele a bit higher than Jesse so if it’s a straight swap, I would take it.’

‘All day long! It’s not even a question! Alli is a great player and we would love to have him.’

However, not all fans were keen on the idea. Comments against the swap included:

‘No, cash in on Lingard, put the money towards defence, we have an above average midfield now, so let’s focus on the disaster areas.’

‘Two birds with the same feathers…..Overrated English players…..I would rather have Lingard than Dele Alli, after all Lingard won’t give you attitude like Alli would.’

‘Swap for Dele? No. He has serious attitude issues. Don’t need another mental case in the changing room.’

‘Alli for Lingard is like asking me if I prefer hurricane to tsunami…lol…two disasters in a different form.’

At the moment, of course, The Sun’s proposal is purely speculation but it does raise the question as to whether a simple exchange could be a way of upgrading United’s squad options quickly and cost-effectively with just two weeks of the transfer window remaining.

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