Top football writer in heart-wrenching assault on Joel Glazer

by Red Billy

One of England’s elite football writers Henry Winter has launched a passionate assault on Manchester United’s controlling shareholder, Joel Glazer.

Writing in today’s edition of The Times, Winter has taken the gloves well and truly off as he exposes Glazer as someone who does not care about the club or the fans, calling him a ‘mercenary opportunist’.

‘Yes, Joel Glazer, I saw you. I saw your contempt for English fans.

‘I was chatting to Manchester United supporters [outside the ground before a match], genuine football people whose life revolves around this great club you’re privileged to own… And you swept past, smiling smugly.

‘Yes, Joel, I saw you, you ambitious ruler of the English game. I saw your bouncers pushing United fans out of the way, your fans.

‘I saw your look, your sense of self-entitlement. I saw how out of touch you were with English football, the passion, the flaws, the glory, and you still are.

‘As now, I saw then that you don’t understand the responsibility of being guardian of Manchester United, the absolute honour, and the opportunity for leadership for club and sport.

‘You’re not fit to spend a second in the distinguished company of Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton, legends who have given so selflessly to club and sport.

‘We know your game, Joel. Your game is simple, fistfuls of dollars.

‘Sadly, you don’t have any emotional connection with United. Your game is the Bucs and the bucks.’

At The Peoples Person we have often recently accused the English press of providing mouthpieces for United’s owners in recent years, but this outburst by Winter, prompted by his distaste of the proposed ‘Project Big Picture’, which he sees as a blatant attempt by Liverpool and United’s owners to seize control of football from their Premier League rivals, is a welcome breath of fresh air.

‘But hear this: we don’t want Joel Glazer running English football,’ Winter continues.

‘Fans, government, clubs don’t want the representative of a family who have taken almost £1 billion out of Manchester United … restricting opportunity for those wanting to challenge him and his Gang of Six in this disgraceful, doomed “Project Big Picture”.

‘Who are the leaders? Not you.’

When a tearful Patrice Evra recently took to Instagram to complain about how the club was being run, he curiously avoided criticizing the Glazer family, asking fans to trust him, that they ‘love the club’ and that it is possible that people they trust give them the wrong information. ‘Before we say the Glazers Out, guys, calm down’. We trust Uncle Pat, so that was confusing. For a moment we asked ourselves, does the Glazer family really care about Manchester United?

Winter’s brave column puts that idea to bed once and for all. It was a dose of cold reality, a throwback to the pre-COVID days of the ice bucket challenge.

The reporter’s message is clear: The Glazers are parasites who do not care about Manchester United and they now want to take control over the rest of the Premier League so they can exploit that for financial gain as well.

As United fans, their gain will seem to also be our gain in the short term. United will have more clout, more voting power. But the extra money gained by bleeding the smaller clubs dry will not make United stronger. It will be sucked straight out of our club again and into the Glazer family’s bank accounts.

This summer’s transfer window has been one of the strangest in living memory. So cast your mind back to less stressful days and test your knowledge of past United arrivals and departures in our quiz below.

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