Manchester United fans want Ole Gunnar Solskjaer out after Arsenal defeat

by Marwan Harraz

Some Manchester United fans were making their voices heard loud and clear following the loss to Arsenal, calling for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s head.

This came just days after the remarkable 5-0 win over RB Leipzig but critics have pointed to the form in the Premier League.

United have started the season horribly and can’t seem to get anything right, particularly when it comes to home performances.

Solskjaer made some questionable decisions in the 1-0 defeat to a poor Arsenal side and it effectively undid all the good work done vs Leipzig and PSG.

Some of the Red Devils’ fanbase jump on every opportunity to criticise the legendary Norwegian but this is the first time their voices are awfully loud as ‘Ole Out’ trended on Twitter.

As good as Manchester United have been in the Champions League, getting just seven points from six league games is unacceptable.

Solskjaer’s side sits in 15th place with a game in hand but even if they win it, they’ll still be a mid-table side.

It is still early in the season but it is no excuse as some of the performances have been remarkably poor.

It’s one thing to play well or show some fighting spirit and then lose and it’s another thing to absolutely not show up for the matches; United have often been the latter.

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