Bruno Fernandes calls for fighting spirit amidst Manchester United form

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes posted a brilliant response to the poor form the club is currently enduring as tensions rise.

Many fans have begun calling for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s head following two back to back defeats vs Arsenal and Istanbul Basaksehir.

The legendary Norwegian seems to be on borrowed time but has dug his way out from the sack in the past.

However, many feel anything other than a win vs Everton should see Solskjaer lose his job and there are even those who feel regardless of the job he should leave.

Bruno has looked tired and not at his sparkling best of late, as a consequence the Red Devils, in general, have not performed all too well.

Many have admired Bruno for his fighting spirit and this will endure him to the fans even more.

The hope is that he’s not the only one in the dressing room feeling this way and that his teammates are just as much up for the fight as he is.

Unfortunately, based on what fans have seen before, this squad of players doesn’t seem to be up for it at all times.

Nonetheless, if Bruno can spark the fire once again as he did before then Solskjaer may yet survive.

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