Harry Maguire pockets Everton’s attack in stunning defensive performance

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United star Harry Maguire’s performance vs Everton may have gone under the radar a little but the statistics suggest he had a remarkable match.

The club captain gets plenty of criticism whenever there’s something wrong with the defence but there was nothing anyone could blame him for today.

United didn’t keep the clean-sheet but they had to defend resiliently to come out on top of a tenacious Everton side.

Maguire has had his fair share of troubles off the pitch and even on it at the start of the season but has slowly grown as the matches went on.

His best performance of the campaign was against Everton today and it was badly needed given the amount of pressure on the players and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

While Maguire deserves every bit of praise he gets, it is important to consider why he looked so good vs the Toffees.

Carlo Ancelotti’s men had Manchester United pinned back on occasion and it’s then that the towering centre-back looks best.

He fights for every ball, wins every header and looks like a colossal defender who just can’t be beaten.

However, play him vs sides who sit deep and counter and where United’s defensive line is pushed up, his lack of pace and occasional rash decisions exposes him far more often.

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