Gary Neville: Bruno Fernandes speaks like a Manchester United captain

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United legend Gary Neville has made a remarkable comparison, claiming Bruno Fernandes has had a similar impact once he signed as Wayne Rooney or Eric Cantona.

The Portuguese players joined this January and it’s safe to say he hit the ground running, quickly becoming a key player in Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side.

In fact, the legendary Norwegian probably still has his job at Old Trafford thanks to Bruno, who inspired an average United side to a third-place finish.

Neville clearly knows plenty about Rooney and Cantona so he couldn’t have been speaking lightly when he praised the former Sporting Lisbon man.

All that praise came after Bruno’s brilliant brace and assist vs Everton in the crucial 3-1 victory.

According to the Daily Express, Neville said: “Since Fernandes joined the club I don’t think he’s had a dip yet.

“You thought after his first initial goals, assists and impact that he made, you thought ‘Where’s that dip coming? Can he do it in the second season? He’s doing it even better.

‘When he speaks, he speaks like a Manchester United player, he speaks like a Manchester United captain.

“He speaks like a leader, he speaks like someone who wants to win. I think he’s a special player.

“You’ve seen players that have come to Manchester United over the last probably 10, 15 years, I don’t think anyone has had as big an impact in such a short space of time as him.

“Maybe Rooney, maybe Cantona, those types of names, I think he’s had a similar impact too.

“His stats, his goals, his assists, his performances. Rooney came in and scored a hat-trick in his first game, Cantona comes in, puts his collar up and says ‘I’m a Manchester United player’.

“That type of impact he’s had, even in a team that probably isn’t as good as that team Rooney and Cantona played in.”

Both Rooney and Cantona are legends in their own right as well and it seemed Neville was comparing their immediate impact at Manchester United rather than their legacy.

Bruno still has some way to go to reach their levels in terms of trophies won or goals or assists notched up.

However, he does seem to be on course and at the very least, he certainly was the catalyst to this United side.

Time will tell if he will be let down by the club and for the time being he is certainly dragging everyone up to his standards.

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