Jamie Carragher- Right or wrong in Paul Pogba rant?

by Marwan Harraz

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher reiterated a section of Manchester United fans’ calls for Paul Pogba to be sold but it wasn’t that part of his comments that were the most debatable.

Moving the French playmaker on or not is a divisive topic but some of the things the former defender said simply weren’t as true as other parts.

For example, Carragher claimed Pogba never did well in any position or tactical setup, which is an exaggerated claim, to say the least.

The pundit wouldn’t have to go too far back to remember when the powerful midfielder last played well consistently, after all, it was in the early stages of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s interim reign when it happened.

Pogba was played in his favoured position, on the left of a midfield three, released from the shackles of the Jose Mourinho era, he was flying high.

Generally, he does well with France but he helped a defensively setup Didier Deschamps side win the World Cup by playing in a double pivot with N’Golo Kante.

He was superb as an attacking-midfielder as well for Solskjaer, prior to his long-term injury and the arrival of Bruno Fernandes.

Critics love to compare Pogba at Manchester United with the Pogba at Juventus and looking at the numbers, they’re remarkably similar.

In 175 appearances with his current club, the academy graduate managed 33 goals and 35 assists while in 178 appearances with his former side, he managed 34 goals and 40 assists.

At Juventus he had a single stable role playing under a single stable manager at a title-winning team, compared to how he’s been shifted across in multiple positions in a poor United side.

Carragher would also claim Pogba cannot play in the same side as Bruno and that’s something The Peoples Person have covered and debunked in the past and can be seen here.

The former centre-back isn’t out of line for saying Pogba should be sold, many fans feel the same and there’s certainly an argument to be made why it should happen.

The disappointing thing is how he argued his case- he wasn’t analytical enough and exaggerated his claims to back his argument instead of analysing the data and proving his points wihout the need for fluff.

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