Bruno Fernandes’ confession shows just how badly he needs to win

by Red Billy

It is clear to see by watching Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes play that he is competitive, but the player himself has revealed just how desperate he is to win.

Speaking on the upcoming United Podcast via the club’s official website, the Portuguese star admitted that he hates losing so much that it brings out the worst in him on some occasions.

He then went on to confess that he recently crushed his three-year-old daughter in a game of cards because she had raised his competitive hackles.
‘You know, sometimes you just need to let them win. So in this game she plays two +4 [cards], and she lays down +4 twice.
‘She’s young, she doesn’t know so sometimes you ask, do you have any other cards to put down and when I asked, she put another +4 down, so I take another 8 cards.
‘Then I got rid of all these cards – bang bang bang and I won that game.
‘I needed to win because I was so angry that she put me twice +4 … she made me pick up all these cards!
‘My wife was looking and she said “you are always the same.”’
‘I hate losing. In everything,’ Fernandes said.
It is the kind of mentality that has arguably been in short supply at Old Trafford since the ultra-competitive Sir Alex Ferguson and the likes of Roy Keane left the club. Fernandes’ obsession with winning is exactly what United needs to bring the side to the next level and start challenging for trophies again.

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