Man United fans overwhelmingly vote to sell Paul Pogba

by Red Billy

A surprising number of Manchester United fans believe the club should sell record signing Paul Pogba.

The 27-year-old has been hitting the headlines again for the wrong reasons this week, unfavourably comparing playing for United with playing for France and suggesting that he is unhappy with the amount of game time he is getting at Old Trafford.

Fans appear to be growing increasingly tired of the Pogba circus and when asked on The Peoples Person Facebook page whether the club should persist with the Frenchman or sell him, an incredible 88% of 1,000 voters said he should be sold.

‘He’s had enough chances. He’s had 4 seasons now and we’re still asking “what’s his best position?” and “how do we get the best out of Pogba?”’, one fan remarked.

‘He’s not good enough to build a team around and there are harder working players ready to take his place.’

‘I’ve defended think him for a long time, but it might be best if he moved on,’ said another.

‘I’m mainly tired of the circus that happens around him.’

Other comments included:

‘He’s just an average player that is overrated by the media, he can never do more than what he has done already, he’s almost 28 and has passed his prime, United should let him go now.’

‘Four years with two different managers and none can find him a proper position! And he doesn’t sound like he is willing to fight.’

‘If he had done half of his talking on the pitch for United there wouldn’t be a problem. Sell him to Real or Juve, get as much as we can and reinvest it into the team.’

‘If he’s not happy let him leave, I’m sick of his attitude, loan him out to Shrewsbury.’

Comments in favour of the World Cup winner included:

‘Pogba was a world class player when he joined us and he is still world class. The fact that he isn’t fully happy at United doesn’t change that.

‘If was him I would be unhappy too. He has been criticized throughout his time at United, even when he is injured, not in the team or after being the best performer in the team.

‘The reason for his unhappiness is none other than United fans. That is why he is always excellent for France and not so for United.’

‘I love Paul, he is a fantastic player. He deserves the support and the backing of the club. Let him do what he knows how to do best.’

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