David de Gea: I feel right at home in Manchester

by Marwan Harraz

Manchester United have received a boost after David de Gea admitted he feels right at home despite the rumours surrounding his future.

The Spanish goalkeeper has looked more reassured of late but when he was going through a poor run of form last season, many called for his head.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer handed a new contract to Dean Henderson and that just ramped up the rumours even more despite De Gea’s better form.

Many initially speculated the young Englishman would be given the number one spot permanently this season but that hasn’t been the case at all.

Henderson has largely had to play just cup games or games of lesser importance and it’s lead to reports claiming he may leave on loan to get more minutes.

According to the club’s official website, De Gea said: “Well, I’m still the same person I am today but I’m much more mature now.

“I was coming to massive club, it was different language, a different culture, everything was different and I matured a great deal as person for sure, and I’ve grown a lot as a player And I’m truly grateful for all these years that I’ve been here and what can I say? It’s been incredible!

“It’s wonderful to be here and, to be honest, I feel right at home in Manchester.

“I think you learn from your mistakes, you start to mature and life throws up difficult situations and, of course, you learn from them, from the bad times especially, and I think that’s life, isn’t it?

“I’ve learnt lots of things, it’s difficult to pick out just one. It’s difficult to say but you learn, particularly that times can be tough, you can have difficult periods, especially in this world. There are lots of people who will slate you.

“You’ll get it from all sides but it’s about believing in yourself, having confidence in what you can do to keep on going and give 100 per cent in every training session, every game, and know that life goes on.

“You have to show up each day to improve and be happy, which is the most important thing..

“I’m obviously the same person but with more experience, I’ve gone through more things and I’m much more experienced in everything.

“The years have gone by. There have been good times and bad times but I’m doing well now.

“I’m really content with everything I have and all that I have achieved and I’m looking forward to the future, which will hopefully bring many more years.

“Being at a club like this and at this level for so many years, isn’t easy so I’m proud of that and bring on some more!”

It’s good to see De Gea all but end any rumours in regards to any desire to leave but it’s probably come a little late.

The former Atletico Madrid man is probably at the most expendable stage of his career as his powers have waned a little.

Manchester United fans will hope he can rediscover his best form but even if he does, his age would mean he’d always be looking over his shoulder.

United have had some world class goalkeepers over the years and some entertaining ones too. Take our quiz below to find out how much you know about United’s number 1’s, past and present.

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