Paul Pogba’s struggle with Covid greeted with mixed reaction from fans

by Red Billy

Paul Pogba’s revelation that he struggled to overcome the Covid-19 virus has met with mixed reactions from fans on social media.

In an interview with MUTV’s Stewart Gardner after yesterday’s 3-1 victory over West Ham, in which the Frenchman scored a wonder goal, he admitted that the virus had affected his stamina earlier in the season.

‘It’s strange, it’s hard to explain because you wouldn’t understand,’ he said.

‘Even in training, I would say to the fitness coach that I feel strange.

‘It’s not me. I get tired very fast and I’m out of breath really fast.

‘The first game of the season, I couldn’t run. I was trying.

‘I spoke with the manager, “I will start the game and let’s see,” but I was very out of breath and it took me a long time to get me back to my fitness and to get back physically good.’

Many fans reacted sympathetically to the confession.

‘A lot of people who slated Pogba this season, including professional pundits, completely forgot he had COVID; it seems like he had it pretty bad but because it’s Pogba, no-one cared,’ one fan said.

‘It’s not called SARS (SEVERE acute RESPIRATORY syndrome) Covid-19 for nothing — yet, y’all thought it was completely justified to talk shit about him because it’s “just like the flu” and he should play better,’ said another.

Others were sceptical:

‘Paul Pogba reveals how Covid-19 left him short of breath, form and fitness – Pussy!! I was down and out for three days then partying til 6am on the fourth and fifth!!’ one fan tweeted.

‘We all see Bruno makes the team perform. Pogba doesn’t. He’s out of excuses. CR7 and Salah also recovered from Covid. He’s just trash,’ said another.

Some fans reacted by criticising the manager for selecting Pogba when he was reporting that he was struggling.

‘Pogba confirms COVID affected his fitness due to being tired, which the scientific community has confirmed happens and Ole still started him earlier in the season. But, yes, Ole’s biggest strength is player management,’ complained one fan.

Makes you wonder why he was a first team player at the start of the season if he clearly felt unfit and in difficulty. Ole’s management there was kak,’ another noted.

Pogba has always been a player to divide opinion and it is natural that there is more sympathy from some than others following his disclosure. Questions as to why the manager selected him at the start of the season before he had properly recovered do seem legitimate, however. There seems to be a growing number of situations where Solskjaer does not rest players who need to be rested and in so doing, makes their situation worse. Marcus Rashford‘s back injury last season is another example.

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