Daniel James, marmite man: fans divided over star’s worth at Man United

by Red Billy

Flying winger Dan James continues to divide Manchester United fans after his performance against Watford yesterday.

The Welshman was Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s first signing as manager of United when he completed a £15 million move from Championship side Swansea.

James started well with three goals in his first four games, but never kicked on and has become a fringe player at Old Trafford.

After yesterdays’ match, which saw him substituted after 68 minutes, fans on The Peoples Person Facebook page were asked ‘Is it harsh to ask, at what point do we accept that he just isn’t good enough for Manchester United and move him on?’

Many fans agreed that enough is enough. Comments included:

‘He rushes things when it matters. When he doesn’t, it’s slow and obvious.’

‘He offers nothing in the game. Couldn’t hold the ball and he always run into danger. He still doesn’t know how to pass and shoot.’

‘Should never have signed him in the first place. Offers absolutely nothing. Complete waste of money. Championship player at best.’

‘Dan James must work on his one on ones. He struggles to get past defenders as has got no skill. He needs to develop a cross over to put defenders off, otherwise he’s just one dimensional.’

‘I don’t know what he does in training, it’s like he’s not learning anything nor is he growing and improving as a player. He just keeps running because he’s got pace.’

‘One trick pony with no final product – thanks to his speed he gets himself into some great positions but then cannot deliver a decent cross or get away an accurate shot on goal. Furthermore, he’s too lightweight and lacks physicality – some of his playacting for fouls when tackled is embarrassing.’

‘That’s the only skill he has… Fast… He isn’t EPL material…’

‘Even if he can run fast it’s never in the right direction, he’s like Adama Traore a few years ago except Adama got good and has the strength to go against players, while James is a hobbit from Yorkshire who uses his family being from Wales because he could never make it in the England squad.’

‘He just isn’t good enough. He’s not Premier League quality’

Others, though, still have a great deal of faith in James.

‘That is what people said about Salah when he was at Chelsea, all about pace, but look how good he is now! Give him time, it is rare to have a player like him, let him improve!’

‘He’s a great squad player to have. The fact that all he has is pace and maybe a cross or two can be handy at times. Times where we need to stretch the opponents to one far corner of the pitch, allowing space elsewhere for our more creative players.’

‘James is good runner and crosser of the ball… His game will not be that effective because we don’t have a CF who will attack his crosses, so he only has cutting in as his only choice. Get the boy a CF who attacks crosses and positions well, I’m sure we will sing a different tune.’

‘I think he did well, cut in, took shots. United don’t know how to use his speed, that’s the problem.’

‘How quickly you all forget that Dan James was putting in crosses for Rashford to score. He is still young and needs time. Greenwood played as our no. 9 and offered nothing as well. Just give the guy a chance.’

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